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Virtually anywhere in the region, Ross has been a welcome resource to those who seek the services of a highly creative group whose campaigns produce impressive returns on investment.

Ross Advertising Closes the Chapter on Political Campaigns

While the agency is proud of its impressive track record in regional political campaigns developed over the last two (2) decades, it was felt that the time had come to remove itself from the often emotionally charged and aggressive environment that can run against the grain of the efforts made through the work at ReThink.

Through its sister organization, ReThink, Ross Advertising supports a series of free initiatives such as Random Acts of Kindness, Project Happiness (a global education program that teaches emotional resilience to children), well-being programmes and enlightenment interventions. 

It was felt that the agency's resources could better be exclusively dedicated towards many of its social and national development programmes currently being run which are intended to make a positive difference to national communities here and across the region. 

Recent reports on the agency's involvement with the "No Rowley campaign" are absolutely false. The agency formally advised the People's Partnership on June 26th 2015 that a management decision was taken to withdraw from all political work across the region. In declaring its official position, the agency explained that the recent political environment has become too personal, tense and confrontational accompanied by defamatory reports that have compromised the agency's brand reputation and value centered corporate philosophy. 

Ross Advertising wishes to state categorically that neither the agency nor its principal, Ernie Ross, is involved in any way with the advertising, strategic development, public relations or events of the General Election Campaign 2015.

58 Ways to Celebrate

Celebrating a successful year in 2014 with 58 ADDY awards from the Caribbean Advertising Federation l ADDY Awards.

This was a record breaking number of Addy Awards by a single agency in one year, making us the #1 award winning agency in the Caribbean!

Done ‪#‎LikeARoss‬!

Ross 58 Awards